To protect students from contracting and/or spreading COVID-19, and to follow the guidelines established by the BLC Administration, the Writing Center staff will not accept in-person tutoring during the 2020-21 academic year. But don’t worry. We accept online appointments! BLC students who seek writing assistance have two options: (1) schedule an appointment to Zoom with a tutor, or (2) submit writing for written feedback without Zooming with a tutor.

The mission of the Ada Stokes Writing Center is to help BLC students grow as independent critical thinkers and writers. As such, tutors offer support in the areas of academic essay writing, creative writing, cover letter writing, digital writing (i.e., web content), resume writing, and graduate application essay writing. Additionally, the tutors in the center are dedicated to the writing process. The writing process includes...

  • Understanding an assignment
  • Research strategies
  • Critical reading strategies
  • Source integration techniques
  • Brainstorming methods
  • Thesis statement development
  • Topic sentence development
  • Drafting, revising and editing

Regardless of your writing needs or ability, we are here to serve. Come see us!